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Choosing the correct seller

In this giant market place, no confusion, choosing a right person among numerous sellers is one of the toughest jobs I think. Every now and then, a buyer has to face some unwanted situation like order cancellation, refund or negative review etc. Indeed, such problem frustrates both the buyer and seller equally. Applying some tricks may help buyers to avoid such awkward situation. Firstly, please go through the seller’s gig description, pricing and his/her offers. Secondly, sharply scrutinize the seller’s reviews provided by the buyers. Thirdly, notice how many orders are there in queue. Finally, contact the seller and ask for what type of thing you would like to get and how far the seller would be capable of completing your task. I think you may choose right person applying these techniques.

A great read, thank you!
I would advise showing trust in people from time to time. I’ve had great interactions with people who’s rating was lower than 80%. I wouldn’t want a competitively low rating to be a death sentence, so to speak.

great tips

Thanks very help full

Great tips.Thank you

Yes your 100% right, but buyer should give chance to new seller also.

I just had two unsatisfactory experiences and I believe in each case it was a communication/language problem and maybe even that the seller did not ask someone to help them understand the request language. It caused requests for revisions and once cancellation and one accepted delivery which could have been a cancellation but I just did not want to go through that again… As a buyer I should not have to spend time offering sellers advice on mistakes in their gig descriptions or as we work together. So as advised above, I will spend extra time looking through reviews and descriptions and noting that sellers will have a short lease, although I will try to remain reasonable and understanding. I have given generous reviews even after it could have gone the other way and have tipped extra when I asked for several revisions to correct mistakes. I will work with anyone who appears to be making an effort and who is providing a product that is helpful.