Christmas Gigs are lacking


Christmas is almost here and I noticed a shortage of illustration gigs. There are several Xmas card gigs but no drawings at all.

I was hoping to get some cute animals in Santa’s hat, snowy house, Mrs. Claus outfit, etc. done, but no one is offering it. I find this strange.



Here you go Gina.


Hey, I’ll always draw one for you! :wink:

Well jokes aside, I noticed that they don’t have the special “Christmas gig” section at the top of the page where the Fiverr pro is showing.
Too bad that area couldn’t be replaced with Christmas gigs, at least only during December.


When I search for Christmas, there are 106 results in Illustrations.


I could have sworn there were several illustration dedicated to Xmas last year?

Oh, well. Thought you were going back to Seattle for holiday break this year?


Most are greeting cards.

The few that aren’t seem to be clip art or freepix, etc. :frowning_face:


Hmm… Maybe you can search just for cute animals and such, and when you find illustrators you like, ask them if they can draw them with a Santa hat and with a Christmas tree?


Well, I’m hiring Z for chibi but still searching for other types of drawing.


I AM in Seattle right now! An early Christmas break.
I had smoked salmon pate piroshky from the Pike Place Market.


I love Pikes Place Market!