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Christmas Gigs UNITE!


Everyone who has a Christmas gig please share and post them here!

Here are mine!


ceceliavo said:

@ceceliavo - I love your Nicelist gig! Now, you are encouraging ME to create one. Maybe I will play a Christmas carol on the piano. What do you think?


@ceceliavo Oooh. How’s THIS for an idea. What if I recorded videos on how to play certain Christmas carols on the piano???


@hotwebideas thank you! Either of your ideas would work!


Here is mine, it’s a custom xmas animated card:


How about we start a collection for xmas gigs made out of the gigs in this particular thread. And to be fair the creator of the thread should be the one to do it. I will follow it and if all of us do the same thing we can get more exposure for the gigs.


Very good idea! I love that folks on Fiverr are cool working together - we all win!


@startselect great idea! Will do!


Hi. :slight_smile: I just joined today. I only have two gigs. They’re both about Christmas.

1500 Christmas graphics:

1000 Vintage Christmas images:

I plan to add more in the coming days. Still thinking about what to list.


I just made a collections and added anyone who posted their gigs here and then some!

Here is the link:

Follow away!


No problem! :slight_smile:


I have a brand new Christmas gig that I just uploaded last night! Would love to get some exposure as I see nothing like it on this website!


I use up to 6 your photos and create a real paper photo cube ready for you to print. You can choose regular cube or beautiful Christmas paper cube :slight_smile: check it here:


You can have your personalized Christmas flash website with your custom greeting card message, and beautiful Christmas song.


My christmas related collection:



@onecreativegeek Awesome idea! I just added it to the collection goodluck!


@visual arts you have been added! @thefacebookgeek why not add the people you don’t have on your collects from this forum and we can make this one big Christmas promo.


There are 8 different comment-ers with christmas gigs yet only two followers following the collection. Lets get our follow on! :slight_smile:


Thanks ceceliavo! Going to follow this list now. Hope to see some of you in my gig! :wink:


thx ceceliavo :slight_smile: