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Christmas Payment Not Going Thru! :-(

Hey Fiverr,

Sorry to put a kink in your holiday spirit but your payment process isn’t going thru.

I checked and it isn’t me. You may want to have someone check at your end.

Trying to spread some holiday cheer, so would appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch.


This is a member forum, you should contact Fiverr customer service if you’re having problems. We’re just regular members and we can’t help you

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She’s reporting a bug on the forum as well. This makes it so that other people can see their issue isn’t singular. A seasoned buyer, she’s probably already reported this to CS. Also, the section is called “Report a Bug.” What else could it be for?


My bad, I got confused be the “hey Fiverr” and “you may want to have someone check at your end” and thought she was trying to communicate with the Fiverr team, something that I’ve seen done here many times. The report a bug section is to notify other users, not the actual team, but I’ve seen newer sellers get confused by this and come here looking for the CS Team to resolve the issue.

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Thank you.

I was gone for almost 2 years so I guess the newbies don’t recognize me these days.

@joyh97 From what I understand of the olden days, at least, 5r staff do check the bugs category to see if there are issues with the main site.

That way they can fix issues right away before 500 people email CS with same issues. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s fixed! Two orders went thru just fine!