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Chrome eating so much resources when you're on Order page


Try this out…

Using chrome, when viewing your Order Page, open up your resource monitor or task manager and have a look at chrome’s resource usage. It peeks up.

The page that I am referring is…

I don’t know of course if this is a bug, but one thing I am sure about is, it consumes so much resources when you’re in that page.


Of course percentage is irrelevant, since it depends really on how much power your processor has. The main point is, why it consumes so much cpu and gpu? …but I do not expect you to answer this question of course, gonna consult Fiverr’s Tech Team and see If they could help.


Well, I just checked and everything appears to be normal. 20% CPU usage. Nothing to worry about. Actually its the Flash thats eating memory. Flash needs extra bit space to handle html entities and supporting scripting files. Try updating your adobe flash version.


Hey guys…

I double checked what resources are being consumed… and turns out to be my GPU and CPU are consumed… at 90 - 95%

…seems like I’m encoding a video when I’m on that page.

All is fine when I use Firefox. Flash is up-to-date

I almost forgot to mention that I’m on a linux box Ubuntu 12.04


Reply to @touchtype: Windows and Linux have totally different architecture and the codes can behave differently. It can be a problem with chrome itself. Try opening any other flash website. Be sure from your side and then contact CS.

Notice the usage on top right corner.

I’ve shifted the task bar above so that everything gets covered without posting a huge picture.


Yes… probably within Chrome itself. I’ve tested several flash sites. It’s within normal.


There must be a bug because I’ve been trying to download a couple of deliveries for the last two days. As I get to the delivery of 1 and click the link Fiverr site just hangs. I’m pretty fed up of using this site as I have cleared everything in Chrome and updates are bang up to date! I can’t use Firefox as there is a problem with that.

Chrome worked very nicely when I joined Fiverr recently. Now it just is a battle to get it to do anything. Have even gone incognito but that doesn’t work either. Pretty useless. Also I’ve come across a lot of comments where many people are just having a terrible experience trying to download their stuff. The usual is tossed around, clear cache and cookies, update Flash etc etc none of it works.

There is something wrong with the site itself. If I can use other heavy duty sites then there is definitely something wrong with this site. Lots of people are saying the same thing. I’m repeating myself until I’m blue in the face. I’ve even asked for a link from technical to get my paid for delivery. They’ve just ignored my request.


Yeah, this V2 is really buggy. I’ve encountered several bugs before posting this topic. Other bugs, I can leave with it. Like TODO’S not clearing out…

If Fiverr continues this way… and then suddenly a Startup Company will emerged and launch their Fiverr like platform with all the features that users love that are not on Fiverr. I don’t what will happen next. I know that you knew what happened to Friendster and MySpace when Facebook emerged.

But for this particular issue of mine, I am still not sure what’s wrong. If it’s either from their end or from my end.

Gonna further test/check chrome for this.