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🎪 GAME time - YOU OWN IT -🛍🛒


A fun game to try! Think about the last thing you Googled. You now automatically own it!

What do you magically have now? :exclamation::question:


“Mukesh Ambani Net Worth”


Homes for sale in Little Falls NY on Zillow. I guess I own about 20 of them now.


Reader’s Digest

(Only if 4 real)


“How to add full width logo in Divi”, (no answer found yet, I will try to research on it tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: )


“Do lightsabers run out of power.”

I was having dinner with my nerd friend.


Well, so far I guess Writer owns the net worth of whoever that is he Googled (congrats?) and @misscrystal owns a lot of houses (whoop!) and @gina_riley2 either owns one copy of Reader’s Digest or the whole company. Gina, you will have to decide that one!

I’m still not quite sure what @wp_kid owns. :slight_smile: Maybe the game should be the closest material or digital item to what you searched, or the most recent “ownable” item you search. If we go with related, I see that @zeus777 has now chimed in as the proud owner of some powered or dead lightsabers, depending on the answer to the question. :smiley:

Edited to add: If I answer my own game based on the last search I really did, I now own some plantains. :banana:


@fonthaunt…I legit Googled some questionable anime characters…with questionable intentions…so …?


You own some questionable fake people? Maybe they are like bad robots dressed to look like anime characters. :smiley:


You know what, that’s good enough :smiley:


According to google and other nerdy websites I found, the lightsaber will eventually run out of power, but the “power cell” will last for decades so I don’t need to worry about owning a dead lightsaber…My lightsaber is still bright and strong, hahaha. mixi1


My latest successful search was “white walker wallpaper hd” :sweat_smile:


Sounds like you own some wallpaper and maybe some software! We may have to do some creative interpretation here. So far misscrystal wins for the best real-life search and zeus777 wins for the coolest item owned. I think she also deserves a prize for post illustration! :ribbon:


Indie komiks (“komiks” in Filipino means “comics” :wink:).


sausage roll recipe …


移民豁免: Immigration exemption. (for a Fiverr job)
That’s great, but I don’t really need it :sweat_smile:


“Twin Peaks The Return theories and fandom”

I’m not sure that I own anything now - but I suddenly talk backward and jazz plays when I enter the kitchen.


˝How To Make Ice Cream At Home˝. :yum:


Okay, that made me want to have ice cream + cold coffee combo, will have it tonight.


피자 배달 (my neighborhood)
I googled ‘pizza delivery (my neighborhood)’. I will definitely own my pizza in about 30 minutes! :slight_smile: