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🎪 GAME time - YOU OWN IT -🛍🛒

I Googled my exam result even if it came yesterday and I already checked it. (and passed the exam) Still I wanted to stare it for more time. Well definitely I own it. :grin:


Latest google was ‘tautologies’, latest material thing googled was alarm systems, the former for fun, the latter because of one of my current translation jobs here.

I run out of hearts in this thread, those lounge games always… :roll_eyes: :wink:


OK @fonthaunt, I’m a little embarrassed right now :relaxed: But since it’s a game after all, here’s my last Google search:

“How to be a Latin Lover”

I know how this sounds, I truly do :sunglasses: But I was actually searching for the Movie info, believe it or not :smile:


So, you either own the movie or you are now a “Latin Lover!” :grin:


Well, I guess it’s never too late to become one :joy:


So, that’s what you look like in real life, huh? :grin:


Sounds delicious :yum:


“HDFC Quora”.

Owning either would be fine. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Manohari, a song :smiley:


I googled ‘custom order’ (maybe this is own-able). Needed an image for my custom order gig (which has been created now). :smiley:

But the last thing I actually googled was an extract from a local poetry: ‘asmani ud-deyan pharonda ae’ which means You try grabbing that which is in the sky… But you never get hold of what sits inside yourself.

Maybe now I own the poem or I am grabbing what is in the sky. :smiley:


Last thing I googled was @cyaxrex’s profile picture - Do I own him now?


I don’t know about you, but when I saw @cyaxrex new profile pic I thought “OMG, he’s Alexander Skarsgard!” - can you see the resemblence?

57 PM V1_UY317_CR4,0,214,317_AL

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I need walking at least three times a day, preferably to the pub. If we’re good with that, I’m all yours.


“how to keep books when bookshelf is full”

As much as I’d like to purchase more novels and comics, my bookshelf is small. :weary: I don’t even have more space in my bedroom. So right now, these are my options:
1.) Donate them to charity.
2.) Sell them at the exact price that I bought them.
3.) Sell them at a cheaper price.
4.) Swap them with other readers. That is IF they want to.
5.) Throw them away…:scream:


You can’t throw them away so NO to #5! Books are sacred! Any of the others are good! I had to donate most of mine a few years back because I kept moving and it was too hard to move 2K books over and over. I finally just bought an e-reader, made a list of all the books that I wanted to re-acquire as ebooks and donated the physical versions. I kept about 50 books that were either 1st editions, signed or not replaceable in digital form. Cheers to books of any kind! :books::beer:


I don’t know how can I own it, but here it goes:
Is it wise to use a personal photo on your freelance profile?
Would appreciate answers though (yes, in another thread. Do let me know if anyone’s interested)

How to increase youtube views :slight_smile:

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Don’t tell me you re-acquired all 2K books or even 1K in ebook format! :scream:

Since this is an interesting question, I hope @fonthaunt doesn’t mind me going just a tad offtopic:

Is it “good”? - yes, definitely, you get a more trustworthy profile, compared to those fake profile pics.

Is it “wise” - yes and no. Yes, because it might come to your benefit in the long term (e.g. when getting a job and showing/proving your freelancing online career & presence). No, because trouble clients / shady people can easily find your other online profiles (i.e. social profiles) by simply searching for that photo and bring all sorts of trouble towards your way.

Now, everyone please resume the GAME! :crazy_face:


Since we’re off topic, I’ll just add to that. I think it can be beneficial to add a photo of yourself and make it a very specific one. Use something that is really of you but perhaps with some edits to polish it up or change it and most important, only use it for Fiverr and any other sites you want associated with you as a freelancer (if there are any.) @cyaxrex mentioned doing that and I think it’s really smart.

That way a reverse search on that image from anyplace you are advertising or doing business related things (LinkedIn, business accounts on SM - not personal ones, Fiverr, etc.) will show someone your business and brand. If you have a personal site for family and friends, make sure that the pictures differs from anything you post there. That helps you with branding itself and it helps you guide people to your professional links and away from your personal ones.

If you ever do have a problem with clients in any location or you decide to rebrand, you will only have to change or remove that one photo of yourself. That’s my opinion and it’s something that I hope to extend in my own branding, so since this was brought up in my thread, why not run with it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Resume game or discuss this - open discussion!