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Claim for free bonus $50 by fiverr giveaway 2017


Hello everyone,

I got a mail before few days ago by fiverr giveaway 2017 in that mail wrote you are selecting you for our new promotional program called “Fiverr Giveaway 2017” and here you can claim your FREE bonus $50! and provide me their link but i did not login so anyone know about Fiverr Giveaway 2017?


best regards,


Sounds new to me.


Here is i provide you a screenshot of mail what i got before few days ago.


You are from India and the link is based on Tokelau.
Pretty sure this is a phishing attempt.
Hopefully you have not clicked on it already!!

:warning: Send this to Fiverr support immediately!


I did not get you what are you trying to say sir?

and what i will say to fiverr customer support sir?


Seems like spam to me. Report it. I know of no giveaway going on.


This is most probably fake. And NOT a REAL promotion from Fiverr.

So open a ticket with the “Trust and Safety Team” and send them this screenshot saying you got this via email or whatever.

Just inform them so they know someone is sending FAKE stuff acting like they are from Fiverr.


Thanks sir as per your said i did contact to customer support and shared screenshot.


There’s so many red flags in that message.

  1. Fiverr never sends messages in that format. You’d see a pop up message on your Fiverr page only and you would get no notification of it to your mail or to your inbox.
  2. You can see that whoever sent the message is named “giveaway2017” and not a Fiverr employee/bot.
  3. You can check the referring address to see that it’s a scam attempt. It goes to an unknown site and not Always make sure it goes to It could be a masked link too, so even if it says that, the page you land on could be different.
  4. When you visit such a link, they will most likely ask you to log in to steal your details. A super easy way to notice it is to use the “Remember me” feature on the real Fiverr when logging in. So you would not have the need to login again. Yet if a site looks like Fiverr but is asking you to login, you know it’s a scam attempt to steal your login details. And if it doesn’t look like Fiverr, then you know even better.


Yes sir and also i got the message in inbox that user name is “giveway2017”.

Warning in the Fiverr platform

Its fake i also receive

this message,


Yes sir perhaps you are right and i have seen your screenshot aiso have report and red flag on right side.