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Claim for free bonus $50 by Fiverr Giveaway Claim program

Hello everyone,

I got a mail today by Fiverr Giveaway Claim program in that mail wrote:

"Dear ahsanupwork1,

Congratulations! We have see your success on our Fiverr site and happy to inform you have been selected to our Fiverr Giveaway Claim program. You can claim your free bonus $50 here,


Once you have complete this step your reward price will be added to your account balance. Offer will be cancel after 24 hours if you not claim it.

Mark W.
Manager of Fiverr Support Team."

Then I clicked the link and sign in the page.But I still do not get 50 dollars. I think it’s a fake. Now tell me what I can do. So anyone know about Fiverr Giveaway 2017? FIverr Official 2017 Promotion Page.


Mod Note: This kind of “giveaway offer” is always fake! If you receive any such email or message that looks to be from Fiverr, ALWAYS check the forum and ask customer support to see if it is genuine before clicking it.
Many of these types of links are attempts to get your login details and payment information and so you should never click them. If you have clicked them, run a good virus checker on your computer/device before you enter any passwords or payment information again.

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same here :slight_smile:

report it!!


It’s fake - it’s going to a completely different website.

Please login to Fiverr and change your password right now!

If you ever get an email like this, please do not click the link - it’s obviously fake!

@eoinfinnegan - is there any way you can remove the link please, but leave the rest of the content there as a warning please? Thank you! :slight_smile:


Change your password urgently !!!

they have your passworddddddd!!! :scream:

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Thank you so much.
Just changing my password can I protect my account.

Hi offlinehelpers,
Thank you so much.
Just changing my password can I protect my account.

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Yes change your Fiverr password and email password as well.

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HI there,
This may be the phishing attack, Please change your Email address, Phone number, if possible security questions too. This is the way to protect yourself, otherwise you will be completely hacked. Remember, Fiverr never offer such type of claims to their sellers.


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Changing the Fiverr password will be the best job to protect your account.

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Just report such kind of idiots… :slight_smile:

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I had got same massege few munits ago.

Don’t open the link.

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Do not open the link and it’s better to change your password ASAP. It’s a fake message.