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Claims - "Im the only licensed person to sell this in Fiverr..."

I saw some sellers posting this in their description

"Im the only licensed person to sell this in Fiverr,If someone else is selling this in Fiverr please let me know"

Is there such rule? or licenses? …it might cause unnecessary doubts to some buyers thinking others are not allowed to sell their gigs in the same category.

please share what you think.

I suppose it depends upon what they are claiming to have an exclusive license to. More often than not, if it’s a notable brand, there are more people with license use than that person may realize.

Of course, it could also be a case where the seller is just saying that to discourage competition. In which case, that someone may not be confident enough in their own ability to capture an audience, that they hope that by making that unrealistic claim will minimize their potential competition.