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Clap for all Dedicated Sellers

Hello all dedicated sellers - I would like to big clap for you.

Clap for :slight_smile:

  1. these dedicated sellers are working 24x7
  2. these all are contributing their 20% revenue of sells in fiverr profits
  3. Working without any expectation.

What is seller dedication ratio :slight_smile:

  1. 250+ Top rated sellers only
  2. Billions of Level 2 sellers, Who’s working over the 4-5 years with 200% dedication and they are waiting for next Level badge on profile.

What you’re not getting?

  1. TRS status - best benefit - trs gets their revenue clear in 7 days only
  2. Featured gig - you’ll get good orders from advertisement.

Few facts Question :slight_smile:

  1. When buyer do mark order complete and give you feedback rating - that means buyer did accept delivery then why you do wait 15 days for clear that revenue?
  2. When buyer do give negative rating for you then that rating do shows on your profile BUT when you do rate for buyer, That rating does not show at buyer profile?
  3. I seen, most of featured gig do always featured - why?

So guys, these things are my observation as per my experience - Lets share, What you do think?

You want to give me the clap?

Solid pass.

In any case, this is just a moan about payment periods and how unfair TRS have it disguised as an appreciative post. That’s rather disingenuous, don’t you think?

I don’t think so, If they are getting benefits - they must be proud of that.

Why? If you have enough work on Fiverr there’s enough money coming in that the payment period doesn’t matter.

It does matter if you don’t make much money and you don’t have enough money and you need the money.

In which case, it’s time to find another source of income that has faster payment periods.

Or; complain about it pointlessly.

It’s not a benefit, it’s just a feature that’s dressed up as a benefit.

payment period doesn’t matter for you - that’s you’re thinking - I said here - What i thought and I think, there should nothing issue about anybody thoughts.

Oh, I’m sorry. I must have misunderstood what you meant when you asked people to share their thoughts about what you wrote and what I thought about it.

There’s nothing we can complain about Fiverr. We started after reading TOS, means We agreed with their conditions when we signed up and started our business (from our own choice). Neither Fiverr asked to join nor They promised to modify TOS for individuals personal reasons :slight_smile:
So, why should I complain about something, after I just agreed once.


Yes - We all do working as per TOS. But We all do share our 20% sells revenue in fiverr profits. - Every marketplace sites do take few percentage of commission to seller sells revenue - that’s because, they do provide site maintenance, customer service and advertisement to that amount. But when sellers do feels, TOS should be revise - seller can suggest and raise their voice!

And Fiverr has every right to ignore you. Perhaps you should see how the CEO took note of the many sellers who mentioned this to him directly in a Q&A session over on Twitter?

The vast majority are happy with the payment system. Should it be changed due to a minority of voices?


You have got some points. But I recommend you to raise your voice to customer care and show them your points. Maybe they will give you some suggestions or consider your issues to improve themselves.
Complain in forum is nothing but waste of time.
As I mentioned already, we agreed to TOS, that means, we are happy with giving them 20% of our revenue.
(doesn’t matter how they are helpful and how they compromise sellers decisions)