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Clarification about the payoneer fees?


I have a couple of questions about the bank transfer process. I messaged CS several times but they’re either too busy or can’t be bothered to reply so I’m turning to other users in the hope that one of you can shed some light on my problem.

My first question is about the $$ balance shown on the top right corner of my profile page, next to the profile picture. Is this my balance before or after Fiverr has taken its 20% fee?

I’m asking because the other day I tried to withdraw £328 (live in the UK) via Payoneer Bank transfer and as soon as I pressed the transfer button, the amount went down to£313 on the Earning page and £303 on the confirmation email a few minutes later.

I’m all for paying my fair share and all, but isn’t £25 a little steep for a transfer??!

Am I doing something wrong and is there a better way to handle payments?

Thanks a lot in advance for all your answers!


The amount shown on the top right-hand side is the balance after Fiverr has taken its 20% fee.

I think the fee that PayPal charges for transactions is lesser than what Payoneer charges. So, if you are able to use PayPal, I think it might be a better option for you.

Thanks a lot, I’ll give Paypal a try next time then. £25 sounds like a very steep fee!

I don’t know about using the bank transfer option as opposed to the Payoneer Mastercard option. However, I can confirm that the Payoneer exchange rate which they apply to USD to GBP/EUR withdrawals at ATMs is ridiculous.

For the past few months, I’ve been calculating in advance (taking into account the daily exchange rate) how much I can withdraw from my Payoneer Mastercard here in Europe. Every single time, I’m being told that I have insufficient funds unless I lower the amount I attempt to withdraw by another 20 Euros.

If you can, get paid via Paypal. The fees are significantly lower.

Yeah I think I’ll try via Paypal next time. These fee sound ridiculous, and what really gets me is that CS can’t even be asked to clarify it for me

To be fair, its Payoneer CS you need to contact about Payoneer fees, not Fiverr.

I think that 25 £ is a yearly charge of the ATM card. Payoneer took it yearly. Check the transaction history on Payoneer. It will have a note of how the amount was reduced.