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Clarification needed regarding Stock Images

  1. Type of license
    Getty Images has stated that they offer 3 types of licence models: royalty-free (“RF”), rights-ready (“RR”) and rights-managed (“RM”). I’ve gone through Fiverr ToS and Help Article, nowhere it’s stated what type of license does the buyer gets when he/she purchase stock image along with gig!

  2. Editing
    From Fiverr ToS: “You may not…, modify…”
    Suppose the buyer has ordered the image for his graphic designing needs, does this mean graphic design seller whom he hired can’t edit it?

  3. Commercial Use
    Can the buyer use the stock image for commercial use?

Hope someone who has experience regarding this will provide a better insight.



I can’t answer all of your questions since i stopped offering Getty images, but I can tell you what I know and some educated guesses. From what i recall about using the Fiverr widget when I did offer it, there was a very narrow selection of Getty images available to me. They specified what type of license they included right beside the image I selected to purchase. I was able to pass that license on to the buyer and that was the end of my part in it.

If it still works like it did then, you’ll clearly see the licenses offered on the images and all you can do is purchase one from the available list and give it to the buyer as part of your delivery. I don’t think you can change anything about the license, so if it doesn’t say Commercial there, it won’t include Commercial. If it doesn’t say you can edit the photo, you can’t. You could add the photo to your t-shirt design with your font and your other graphics, but you can’t change the photo. That’s really all I can tell you based on my limited experience with it. Support could probably answer better. Here is a link that might help:

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Any expert answers on this ? Please share…

I’ve tried contacting support already and wasted my precious time! Here is their last answer.

And each time I get different answers from different people. For example, I once asked Can the buyer choose image?

Reply 1:

I again asked and here is
Reply 2:

No offence meant. But, sadly they don’t even care to read the query well.

Meanwhile, I contacted Getty Images itself regarding what type of license they’re offering with Fiverr partnership and am waiting for their reply. Once I get it, I’ll update it here.

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