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Clarification On "Commercial Usage"


We need a voice artist to record some audio for our voicemail service - would we need to add the “commercial usage” option? Or does commercial usage imply something else beyond what we need?

One would assume that a certain amount of “commericial usage” is implied.

Just seeking clarification.



I am not sure about this but the above quote is from one of my fellow buyers.


Typically voicemail recordings shouldn’t require commercial use licenses unless it is for telemarketing purposes or a service used to generate profits.

if it’s a standard ‘thank you for calling… etc… leave a message etc…’ than commercial use shouldn’t be forcibly required by the seller (in my opinion), nor is it really necessary to legally protect that kind of recording. for my voicemail gig, I have it as an extra, but don’t require people purchase it unless it’s for reasons I stated above.

however for my regular voiceover gig, having commercial use included extra is necessary in my opinion. It ensures I won’t use the recording for my own purposes (example; I voice meditations that I could easily resell), and I bear no legal rights to the profits you are generating when you use my voice to sell something.
but it’s not just to protect yourself from a shady voiceover artist (because obviously I’m not in it to take advantage of people)-- If no licensing is attached to the work, others would be just as free to use it and use it to generate profits you wouldn’t be entitled to.

it depends on the seller, but commercial use is nearly always included in regular voiceover gigs whether included at no extra cost, or for a fee. but yes, voicemails, in my opinion it shouldn’t be necessary unless for the points I initially stated.

but just check with your seller, and see what they say : )


Thanks for the replies thus-far. I had already paid the extra for it, will know better next time around.


Technically I don’t think you could re-use or re-sell something you you sold to a buyer unless you stated in your gig that you retain resell/re-use rights. By ToS you are giving the buyer all the rights, with or without an extra.

The commercial use extra is legally fuzzy. A buyer might want it to prove to their own clients they had bought the right to use the content commercially and even to resell it. Buyers might prefer that. I would just suggest that sellers all understand that they are selling their content with all rights by default, unless they put deliberate wording to negate that.