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Clean Professional Logo Intro


I am providing service of Clean Logo Intro price range from $5 - $15
I have completed 165 Orders with 111 Reviews and all 5 Stars Rating with No Negative Reviews.
If you need a Clean Professional Logo Intro, just contact me. Because all of my clients can’t be Wrong! If you are not happy we are not finished.

Here is the gig link:

Your questions are welcome…



hi there!

very nice! how did you come up with that animation?

oh wait. you didn’t:

@frank_d hahahaha… you found that template!
What are you doing? You just kicked my ass! :smile:
Please my friend, don’t do this… :pray:
I am your bro… :slight_smile:

No you are no one’s “bro”.

you are illegally reselling a template from VH.

And you are presenting it as your own work.

So no. You are not my bro.

But almost 80% sellers on fiverr selling templates work not their own work. When you open Logo Intro page there are too many gigs and they all are templates and I have also bought these templates.

Only those sellers doing his own creative work which are providing Complete Custom Animations

How this is illegal? I bought extended license.

You buy a template, customize it and sell the end product (the render of the customized template) to the client. If the client is going to use it in a way that’s free to see -i.e. a TV commercial, Youtube video, in-store promotion etc. then you need a Regular License.

However, if the end product is something that’s for sale, or part of something that’s for sale - for instance a computer game, a DVD, a set of web tutorials that are sold as part of a subscriptions service… then that would require an Extended License.

But for templates in general, a new license (whether Regular or Extended) is required for each new customization. You can’t buy a template once and then customize it for multiple clients.

So every time you make a sale, you need a new license purchased.

I am assuming you are not doing that, so yes what you are doing is illegal.

what about other top sellers on fiverr? They are also selling template intros.

Yes a lot of people here on the video and logo design category are illegally selling templates and -like yourself- are trying to make money by presenting it as original work.

Fiverr needs to do something about it.

And you should do. Either take down your gig or notify your buyers with a disclaimer that this is a template and provide them with a legal license each time you purchase the template for them.

Every now and then the author of the template finds out, and takes down your gig anyway, so do you really want your income source to be based on something that will get you into trouble?

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I will notify my buyers and provide them license but I don’t want this gig to down.
Thank You for your suggestions

So you will be offering a $5 gig (meaning you will make $4 each time) but the template costs $11+vat+pp fees=$14 ?

something does not make sense in your claim.

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Then please guide me what can I do? I don’t want to take this gig down…

you have two options here:

create a disclaimer on your gig’s description that clearly informs your customers this is a template and not your own work and that everytime they purchase from you, they will receive a proof of purchase from your end, that their logo video and music are in fact legally licensed.

You will need to raise your package prices to cover the cost of purchasing the logo template and music each time. so your basic gig will need to be around $50-$60?

OR you need to create your own logo template, and sell that. no templates from VH though.

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I am searching tutorial video of that intro or I will contact author. I will learn how to create this intro then I will create myself this intro with the permission of author and reupload the video on the gig.