Clean the BUG to the fiverr system :)


I found few bug in current running site - Hope you have experience this too.

  1. If you do get any spam message from any user and When you do report that message to current function - There is option “i don’t want receive any message to this user” AFTER that user do able to message you, instead user is block for message and report"
    BUG - your response time will show negative and down %.

  2. When you do anything search in fiverr - Search result do show a “featured” gig with 0 rating or less rating And when you do click on that gig - Actual that gig do not a featured = search result show a bug featured gig. Instead that gig is showing top of the row in the search result.
    BUG - you’re not getting exposure in the search because of that bug gig.

  3. Suppose your gig delivery time is 1 day. Any buyer do buy your gig and you have delivered within 1 day. But that buyer do not marked order complete. So That order do auto complete as per fiverr 3 day time frame. And result will do show your delivery time is 3 day - Which is late without your fault.
    BUG : Your gig delivery time analytic % will be down and negative.

  4. Delivery time is 1 day and you have delivered job on time But seller do ask revision after 2 days THEN you’re job delivery time do show 2 days late or more.
    Bug : you’re delivery time will do show -300% down and result : " you’ll be demote to your current level badge"

  5. BIG BUG IN available now option - I had received a big message of buyer requirement. Which is impossible to read everything and reply the buyer within 2 minutes.

What you think, there is more bug, send here. Might be fiverr representative will do notice about that and solve the bug :slight_smile:

Problem with response rate

There is a lot to be ironed out, but the site is still (relatively) young and they are making improvements all the time.

It’s a shame when those bugs affect sellers.


yes. you’re right. i experienced the same bug - Yesterday a seller had sent continues message and He was promoting his services in that message. He wanted to me for buy his gig. Why i will do buy any seller.

I did decide to report and there was same option “i don’t want receive any message to this user” But after that seller was sending message me again and again. That was too frustrating and annoying.

Fiverr must solve this bug to the system.


7 year passed - still young? i thought digital age is growing too fast than human age.


when you report the spammer the spammer banned and can’t send any message but you can see message will be come on mobile app not in desktop computer.


totally wrong - :smile: - I received at both -:slight_smile:


agreed. Fiverr must solve this bug to the system!


This is not correct!

I always have delivered within one day and it shows correctly in my analytics.


If you have volume of order deliver - You’ll not find it out - How is that affect :smile:


For a site of this type, built in this way, this is young.