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Cleaning Up Old Orders?


I had an order with no details given at the beginning of December - I nudged, asked nicely etc. but nothing from the buyer so I’ve asked for a cancellation. Not ideal in these days of the seller being responsible for everything! :wink:

I may be completely wrong, but I did I read somewhere that Fiverr maybe planning on auto-cancelling old orders which have never been started?


I’ve only heard rumors, Lorna. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I heard a certain someone is on a wild goose chase… I think hunting silly wabbits :rabbit2: :carrot: :rabbit: or was it buyers regarding these ancient orders? The quest is neverending it seems. Chase, chase, chase. Anyways, maybe Fiverr will cancel these orders for a limited time or something?! Hmm, yeah, wishful thinking, aye?


But will that affect our cancellation rates?

When I was in vacation mode, someone from about one year ago came back and started an old order. I think they noticed I was on vacation and did it maliciously but I got back just in time to complete it.


I mean, if this is what they are planning on doing it shouldn’t affect sellers. I mean, sellers shouldn’t be held accountable for buyers who thought it was cool to spend :moneybag: and then disappear into thin air. :thinking:


As long as they are planning on making Online Now available, they need to fix the old order situation to make it fair to everyone.

And old unstarted orders should have an expiration date of one month, and after that they disappear from our active order list.

It’s like leaving old rotting food in the refrigerator forever.


I would love this idea to be implemented


An automatic 30-day expiry date should really be the default, together with some button that tells the buyer it will expire then if they don´t take action, like the custom offers I send with an expiry date have some “This offer will expire DATE”.

Even if a customer was to return after months and would send the requirements, you might have a problem with your schedule then, your prices may have changed, you may not even offer anymore what was ordered…


Hopefully Fiverr will read your comment and implement this. Which I am not sure if it will happen any time soon.


If that happens, I will be demoted to new seller. (I mean if they do it all at once)

I have been canceling 2-3 orders per month manually ever since the evaluations news broke, but the list of incomplete orders is long.

The weird part is that in 2017 I had a total of 5 orders activated, and those orders were placed back in 2015!

Like the buyer was legit: “here is all the info you wanted, when can I see the video?”

And I was like: “What took you so long???” :smiley:


I’m scared only when I see them, I have 220, if only 20% ask for cancellaton, it will destroy me.


Wait you have 220 orders that are just sitting there?:grimacing: or did I miss something? Haha


I had this happen to me as well and I had it cancelled, it did affect my cancelation rate but then I messaged them AGAIN and they fixed it. THEN… I had a moment where one guy ordered THE SAME gig 4 times. We went through customer support to cancel the orders and make sure it did not change my rate but it DID… I messaged CS and that person said there was nothing they could do but I went the long route of cancelling the buyers mistaken orders with the main goal of it NOT changing my rate.

So all this being said… I feel like sometimes it’s literally who you get as your CS rep? However, I’ve needed them maybe 15 times since I’ve been here… 13 of those 15 times It was a great!


You should start clearing them out every month.

Start from the oldest ones, nudge them, then if they don’t respond cancel them.

But only cancel as many as your current volume of sales allow for.


That’s why I’ve been cancelling all the old orders about a week before I go on vacation. Or a month or so after they were placed (after nudging the buyer a few times, of course, and with a cancellation message that I don’t really want to cancel, but it looks like they’ve placed the order by mistake and I don’t want their funds to be trapped, and so on).


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m also have 2 such orders. More then two months. I also don’t know what to do from them!



Sep 11, 2014 is the oldest, every one I send a reminder at the time.


I’m all out of :purple_heart: everybody!

I just don’t understand why a buyer would go to the trouble of ordering and paying and then let the order just sit?


Depending on what they ordered, they need to get all the necessary information (or decide what they actually want), something comes up, and they forget that they have placed the order?


You’d think they’d work that lot out before they order! :no_mouth:

Nowt as strange as folk! :rofl:


Depending on the gig description, sometimes it’s not clear what the seller needs to do the job.

And sometimes buyers aren’t sure what they want (they know they want a logo and that they want it to look good, and that’s about it), or have no idea why you’re asking so many questions (I stopped writing About Us pages because I got tired of buyers who couldn’t understand that they need to tell me something about themselves/their business and that I couldn’t ‘just write something’).

Or, you know, life happens, something urgent, and they completely forget about buying something for $5 and not finishing the process.