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Cleaning Up Old Orders?


I have about 60 orders that the buyers have abandonded after ordering. Some have been sitting there for even 5 years! :scream: Don’t even want to imagine what would happen to my completion rate, if they are all cancelled suddenly :sweat_smile:

Occasionally I do see this in my to-do list:


For me all but two are $5 orders. So raising my starting prices hopefully will put an end to getting more of these.

It is going to take me at least one year to get rid of mine and I also feel that the more you have cancellations in a 60 day period, the worse your gigs ranks are.

They really need to let us cancel these without any repercussions.


Well… It was my fault for replying in this topic. I just had someone place an order and its been 4 hours and they still haven’t sent the requirements. The timing is uncanny… To nudge or not to nudge. :woman_facepalming:


When the level system was announced, I went to the calendar, counted back 60 days and made sure all of my incomplete orders were cancelled by that day. Pretty sure it was mentioned/discussed somewhere on the forum at the time too!


I Had several unopened orders. I cleared them out in 2017 thankfully!


The pain train never stops now does it?