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Cleared Funds Being Refunded with no Cancellation

Has this been happening to anyone else? It just started yesterday and it keeps happening with all cleared revenue. I’m missing over $200 in my deposits.

This is an example all for the same order. The funds cleared for a $5 order and I had $12 taken out of my account and refunded to the buyer.

  1. There was no cancellation.
  2. It’s triple the amount I even made on that order.

I’ve contacted CS, but am growing increasingly alarmed as this continues to happen throughout today.

I think someone else mentioned this happening to them today in another post. Maybe it is a :bug: :thinking: Keep us informed. :neutral_face:

Edit: I see you already read that post. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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I mean, it has to be. It’s just really freaking me out as this is a huge deposit week for me. It’s things like this I wish Fiverr had a phone number because waiting for them to even get back to me is killing me.

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They more than likely do, but they keep it a :shushing_face: secret. Can you imagine all of the calls they would get! :open_mouth:

I find this a silly notion - large companies like HP, Best Buy, Adobe, etc all have phone numbers for customer service. They seem to manage just fine.