Cleared Funds Reversed to Pending WHY?


I have recently completed a project with a five-star review. The Same client gave me the 2nd project on which we agreed for the mutual cancellation for some reasons.After that, he submitted the complaint to the Fiverr and they returned him the money from my previous project(1st project).For no reason, that project was completed my funds were cleared then I don’t know why Fiverr deducted that funds.I contacted Fiverr support and they are not responding. how can they do that? without any notification, my PayPal is blocked.Good news for the buyer now they can have their projects done and after they can complain and get their money back after 14 days.
it’s been five days Fiverr’s not responding what do I do now?


Usually Fiverr CS responds to all queries within 48 hours. Had you contacted them through a support ticket at

As per the money being refunded to the buyer, if you fail to deliver the desired product or the delivery was faulty and in many other possibilities Fiverr CS has the right to cancel the order and refund the money to the buyer.


Next time take your money out as soon as it’s cleared :wink:


It will then result in a negetive balance in the account anyway…


Fiverr should not have to refund the cleared money if yes then why there are 14 days clearance system.
Client also gave me 5 star after work


Yes, they shouldn’t but apparently there are exceptions or maybe they made a mistake. If you have a larger sum on your balance then take it out when possible.


This is from the Fiverr order cancellation policy-


But I completed the work with 5 star rating with respect to there requirements.
Buyer can say what ever he want because he has authority to show my work or not.
After any buyer got this work done then he can complain and refund easily.
it’s been 6 days and fiverr did not giving me any reason of refunding in


I will but now what should I do.
Now they have disable my Paypal account and I can’t transfer my money :frowning:


Fiverr has deactivate my paypal button.
Now i can’t transfer my money also :confused:


wow that is so so sad, i mean now what?


Are you sure you haven’t done anything wrong? I mean that’s really strange issue.


While I don’t really disagree with this statement, if Fiverr finds a questionable situation they are still going to remove the funds even if it sends the person’s account into a negative balance. The same thing would occur if there was a PayPal chargeback later. Generally speaking, withdrawing large balances is not a bad idea in case your account is compromised or something, but doing it in this situation would not have changed much for this OP.


Same question :confused:


Within that Order, I complete his requirements. That’s why he gave me 5 Stars and want me to do another order which was time taking order and I cancel that order because I want more time on that and he mutually cancel that order
After that, he refunded his previous gig money, which was cleared on my side


You are probably just going to have to wait and see what Customer Support does. If you did a part one (backend perhaps) of a project and then there was a dispute on the second order to provide a part 2, that might explain why the buyer complained. Just a guess. As far as what happens next, that’s in Fiverr’s hands now. They may investigate and then either find in favor of the buyer or in your favor.


Why they already decide to refund the money without any decision and investigation because if they did the investigation then they already reply me until now :confused:


I didn’t say they already made a decision. According to you, they reversed the funds to pending. That doesn’t sound decided to me, it sounds like they are investigating. I can’t answer any “why” questions since I don’t work for Fiverr, I just offered you a guess as to what might have happened.


Thank you for your support


By Fiverr
once reviewed by our Trust & Safety Team, the order was cancelled. Once cancelled, this cannot be reversed. You should now be able to withdraw funds from your accounts.

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