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Cleared Funds Reversed to Pending

Can anyone throw any light on this? I logged into my account to see that $4 has been removed and marked as “cleared funds reversed to pending”.

I clicked on view order and it’s from December 2013. Very peculiar. How can the payment be reversed after so long has passed?

I have recently experience my money has been cleared but it has not gone to available fund. I am not sure about whats happening, because even when I contact Fiverr they cannot explain to me why this has happened and it has been almost two weeks now. Can you imagine if I wasn’t checking my revenues. I am wondering how many of this will be happening to buyers and they cant give a definite answer.

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Sounds like a bug.

I just got that as well, and mine was also a completed order from November 2013. I sent ticket into customer service, if I hear of a resolution before it posts here, I’ll let you know what I find out.

I just noticed that an order of mine from November 2013 has been changed from cleared to to pending, putting my balance negative as well and wiping out the funds that I had for recent payments.

I received a message from support that they had cleared this order twice back in December 2013, paying me twice for it. So the reversal is them taking the funds back and correcting their error from over a year ago.

Same issue. Not only did my funds not clear on the date it was suppose too, I now see my account is in the negative. “Cleared Funds Reversed to Pending” from an order in 2012 (3 years ago) has now popped up. Customer service hasn’t even gotten back to me about anything.

We have a similar situation where an order was cancelled and the funds were given back. Is there a way where the funds can be retrieved or used for the next gig?

Reply to @psmanagement: If you have Fiverr credit (funds that were returned to you) you can use them to buy any gig that costs the same or less than the credit. So, if you have $10 credit and you buy a gig that costs $10 or two gigs that are $5 each your credit will be automatically used. If you wanted to buy a $20 gig and you only have $10 credit, that will not work. In that case, you would have to work with the seller to use up your $10. The seller could create 2 custom quotes for you for $10 each. The first $10 quote would take your credit and the second quote could be paid with your choice of payment method.