Clearing Forum Notifications


Howdy, @fonthaunt @eoinfinnegan @annai80 !

What’s the magical formula to clear forum notifications once logged in? Just a minor thing, but my eyes are playing tricks on me, so don’t know if I’m overlooking the magical button. :bellhop:


Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a magic button. I remember @fonthaunt looked into it but I don’t think she found a way to do it.

I see there is a “Dismiss” button but it’s greyed out.


Whew, well that confirms that my eyes are A-OK. Thanks for looking into it
for me! :wink:


I am sure if anyone found a way to do it we will let you know :wink:


I found my own way to do it, but here’s a quick fix, there’s a Chrome browser extension called Discourse Forum Notifications :

It basically consolidates all your notifications from all the Discourse forums you have an account on and shows all notifications in one place. Just download this extension and modify it to always display 0 notifications no matter what.

Problemo solvo, (or whatever it is, them Spanish peeps say when they solve a problem)


@silkroute This made my day! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS FIX!

:heavy_check_mark: Downloaded the extension.
:heavy_check_mark: :yellow_heart:Hearted.
:heavy_check_mark: Bookmarked.
:heavy_check_mark: Thanked Silkroute.


Quick question… I clicked on discourse favicon. Where do I clickety click to display 0?


That will probably require editing of code, if it’s not there in the point-and-click interface. It’s not encouraged to share codes on the forum for security reasons.

If this were a Fiverr gig, it would probably end with “seller did not read my clear instructions and left me with a half complete job” :joy:


:joy: Understood!
Back to my yummy walnuts & oatmeal.