Clearing Funds for sellers


What’s the incentive for any sellers besides offering more gigs, gig multiples and gig extras? Wouldn’t it be a bigger incentive to clear funds faster for Level 2 and/or Top Rated Sellers from two weeks to one? What issues would prevent such a feature from being implemented?

The buyer already has three days to review the order from when you deliver it to when it’s automatically marked as complete. Is the two-week period after completion for “customer satisfaction”, or is it law?


It has nothing to do with customer satisfaction as the customer already paid. The two week period is a preventive measurement for charge backs.


I haven’t bought anything through Fiverr before, I am strictly a seller, so let me get this straight.

When a buyer places an order, the cost of the gig is transferred from Paypal or their credit/debit card? Am I correct in this regard?

So if the gig takes two weeks to complete, that means Fiverr’s had the money for 14 days already, so adding another 14-17 days to processing time would make no sense.


Yes, this is what happens.
They want to make sure that there are no disputes and charge backs.
And… of course they cash the interest in that time span. With thousands of transactions on a daily basis we talk big money here.
For Level 1 and Level 2 sellers the clearing time is 2 weeks and for TRS the clearing time is 1 week.
In all cases the buyer has been charged before you even get the message that you have a new order.


Oh, I understand. I thought that one week thing was for Level 2; I must have misread. If the case is that only TPR’s get funds cleared in one week, that answers my question. Thanks, Mario.