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Clearing Funds Sept 03, 2019

Hi There! I have pending funds to be cleared supposedly September 03, 2019 but until now still not cleared. Anyone has experienced this too?



Do you know when your that order completed! I have experienced this before. But only few hours later that order got completed

You can directly contact with Fiverr Support Team. Hopefully they will provide you the best solutions.

It’s hard to know when it will clear, hopefully it has by now. In my un-scientific opinion, it runs to the time the buyer completes the order with possibly some cushion built in. My funds have always cleared at different times the day it is set to clear.

It is still September 3 in many parts of the world. :thinking:


Yep, still waiting for the funds to clear. Ugh.

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The buyer is from Ireland.

Hi, i also have a pending funds to be cleared supposedly Sep 03, 2019. It’s Sep 04, it hasn’t still been cleared yet.
I’m waiting within today, i’ll contact Fiverrr’s Support if it still is not cleared.

agreed, but this is not normal scenario. Generally after exact 15 days it shows in available for withdrawal section and we can withdraw but this doesnt happen yesterday for many of us.

I have the same problem. Funds from the 3rd are not cleared and it is 4th.

Not anymore, everywhere is 4th. It’s a bug.

OK apart of Alaska, but I do not think Fiverr is located in Alaska.

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I agree that this does look like a bug. Based on the time of completion of the order in question, that should have cleared before all of the others.

Reporting it to CS now.

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This is mine. Still waiting :’(

Same here. All Sept 3rd clearings stuck in pending clearance status. Its presumably a bug, so I also reported it to Fiverr.

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What did you guys put for the dropdown answers on the report page?

I can’t recall, the options are terrible… I don’t understand why there isn’t an ‘Other’ option in all of the main categories.

I think I chose Order, and then Other as nothing was relevant in the Payment section.


Thanks. I think I’m gonna go with “Account Issues” -> “My Seller Account” -> “Withdrawl Issues” -> “I’m unable to withdraw my funds.” The options are awful, but usually it’ll get to someone who at least tries to help :man_shrugging:

I have the same issue too. I think it’s a platform-wide issue.

Sep 03,19 still pending

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Well, I just sent a message to support (I also tweeted them a couple hours ago), so I guess the most I can do at this point is wait.

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