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Clearing Funds Sept 03, 2019

An “additional 24 hours on the scheduled date” is the next day…

Sounds like the kind of answer you give when you don’t know what the actual answer is to me!


No , it’s not only your problem but also everybody .

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It seem like - fiverr hold all sellers hard earnings to fulfill their own bills and employee salary - sinking ship indication.

Beware all :smiley:


You mean like an exit scam? I hope not…

No - i didn’t mean that!!

He has absolutely no proof to back his claim up, he’s just starting a rumour for reasons that only he knows. This is a very normal situation that happens often with technical businesses like Fiverr.

This is a bug, they happen from time to time, and it will get fixed. There’s nothing to worry about, just give them a day or so to fix it and we’ll all be back to normal.


Do you see my point now?

Again… think before you post.


hahahah - you don’t understand…!! see on Exchange gone 4% down

OMG, should I sell?

For the third time, you have ZERO proof to backup your claim. Stock prices fluctuate, that’s a normal part of business, especially for a business so new to the NYSE like Fiverr. We have no idea whether Fiverr is in a good place or a bad place financially because we don’t have access to that kind of information. But all reports would suggest Fiverr is in a stronger place now than it’s ever been before. And as someone who makes money from Fiverr, surely this is something you would want, and want to encourage?

Yet, for reasons only known to you, you seem to enjoy stoking the flames here of a rumour that you started. You and I both know that some people on the forum will take what you say literally, or be confused by it, hence why I said to think before you post.

Ultimately, it’s up to you, I can ask you to act in a mature and professional manner, but I can’t force you.


Oh, I know who you are now.

You are a professional stock trader and you are creating the rumour to sell the news or whatever is this stock proverb. :wink:

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It’s a bug or system error. I am sure the Tech team is making efforts to fix it.

I was a bit worried too. Since many sellers are facing this issue - indicates that it is a system error.

Don’t worry, everything will be okay. We trust team Fiverr. They will do whatever it takes to pay you the hard earned money.

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Same problem is going with me. Founds of 2 order is not coming for withdraw. I have been waiting since yesterday. Its may be bug. Hope, fiver will solve this problem.

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My Sept 3 ones just became cleared, available for withdraw, so its good to go guys. Yours should arrive soon too. :slight_smile:


Interestingly, my 4th funds just started clearing but my 3rd ones are still all pending.

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Just heard from CS. I apparently can’t post a screenshot from my phone but they basically indicated that they’re working on it and it should be fixed in a couple hours.


I have 2 orders from the 3rd still not cleared as well.

Not sure what OS you have but on iOS there is a small icon in the right bottom corner for files uploading.

I hit that and it gave me the option to use my camera or hit my downloads folder :man_shrugging:

The techs are apparently working on it. 1M7PJVqUHvOv

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