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Clearing incomplete orders

I have a few incomplete orders that I’d like to clear out. The client isn’t answering and these orders are basically dead. These should auto delete after 30 days or 60 days or have some kind of way to remove these after attempts to contact the client have been made. Is there anything I can do?


Request a cancellation. If the client doesn’t respond in a certain number of days, I believe it automatically cancels.

hi, it will not automatically remove but u can ask CS to remove it. my personal idea is pls don’t do it. all cancellations are effecting to your gig ranking so it can be effect to your gig ranking.

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Deliver the order and wait for it to auto-complete, then.

The problem is they (client) chose the gig, but never uploaded the necessary info or reference pics (I do cartoons/caricatures of people), so there is nothing to work with or deliver. Cancellations do cause the gig ranking to take a hit, so that’s not an option either. I suppose they’ll have to hang out in no-man’s land for now.

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Do whatever you want, then. If they don’t give requirements, they can’t dictate what you deliver.

I do have had such hanging orders. I sent a cancellation request which wasn’t replied and hence resulting in auto-cancellation. I was penalized for such cancellation because I was dropped to Level 1 and then no level due to such hanging orders! Fiverr should really update their policy on orders that are left hanging for more than a month!!

How can a seller deliver an order when there is no requirements submitted?

There’s a button you can press that says the client has submitted them. I was under the impression they gave blank requirements, though. In your case, the delivery timer hasn’t even started yet, it seems.

If they haven’t in reality, then it will be a violation.

I know. Seems you didn’t read the rest of my message.

After reading the rest of the message. Yes, this is a violation of TOS

They seem to have changed that, with incomplete orders you should be fine canceling them now after one week, at least the Help Center says so:


When an order is marked as Incomplete, the buyer is still required to submit the requested information for the seller to complete the order. The order status cannot be adjusted until the buyer replies to the seller’s instructions.

  • As sellers , you can leave this section blank if you do not require any further information.
    You will also see an option to send a reminder to the buyer, to notify them to reply to the instructions.
  • A buyer will see a message indicating a reply to the instructions is required to start the order.

Note: After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.

No guarantees that it works, though, I haven’t had to try it yet. I’d at least wait 8 days too, just to be sure, because of timezones and stuff.


It is automatically cancel but dollar not added