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Clearing out unused accounts


We’ve probably talked about this before but it came to my notice again today that there are a lot of unused accounts around cluttering up the place. It’d be great if Fiverr cleared them out and it would make the buyer’s searches easier.

Today I trawled a particular category as research for a fun, quick and easy gig I was adding to my active gigs. (If anyone wants a postcard from New Zealand, I’m your gal :wink:).

Anyway, in doing this I found some accounts that have obviously not been used in years. One example - one down-thumb review on one gig from 3 years ago. This gig featured before my new gig in the search. Why? If anyone orders anything from that account I suspect they’re not going to get anything.


That is an interesting notion. Remove accounts out of use. I know when I was on vacation mode for a couple months, Fiverr sent me a message along the lines of “what’s up man, you still doing this thing?”


That’s interesting. I went on vacation for a while recently and didn’t get any reminders, but it did tell me my gigs were paused because I hadn’t come back when promised. So if you don’t go on vacation mode, they’re obviously still active but the buyer is left to work out if the seller is still active.


I think that Fiverr pauses all gigs in the inactive accounts, once they notice them. It’s noticing them that’s the problem.


I know “some other platforms” pause gigs after a set time or plain boot the seller for being a cost. I am one who faces an annoying message every so often from one (I am a colossal failure on it). Devil’s advocate: keeping them around may lead to the prospective seller looking at (active) alternatives.

The ancient gig above yours is a bit ridiculous though. Beware the fun, quick and easy gig category for now. It’s lit in a bad way…


I saw an account of a beautiful voiceover artist that hadn’t been used in over a year, and the orders just kept coming in, with lots of automatic 1 star reviews. Or at least it appeared that way— maybe she was simply collecting the money and delivering nothing.


I noticed a lot of similar situations with sellers who are not active anymore, but they still receive orders which end up being canceled for not being delivered on time, and as you said many 1 star reviews.

I just wish they would get their accounts closed, or pause their gigs due to inactivity, so that buyers could avoid wasting time on those gigs.


I wonder why people keep ordering gigs when they can see that the account is not active by looking at all the 1 star reviews. This account I mentioned had at least 3 dozen 1 star reviews in a row for at least a year.


Hello all!

So, what is the measure being taken? Does anyone opened a ticket on Fiverr’s support!?


You expect people to read and think? :smile_cat: I mean, how many order your gig without reading it, and then give you trouble because they couldn’t be bothered to read?


I bet loads of them get really angry and send nasty messages to the dead account too! :smile:


I mean, that’s just daft
-insert yodashakinghead.gif here-


Are you saying you don’t want a postcard from NZ?