Clearly Buyer Requests Does not Work


Only 1,405 active requests?
Out of the tens of thousands users of this site?
Clearly something is not working right…

How can fiverr improve that section?

I see a ton of potential in it…


Yes, the BR does seem like an abandoned space. Make a rule to skim through it for not more than 5 minutes a day, just use CTRL+F to find your relevant keywords and respond to a handpicked few requests.

I hope Fiverr improves the BR section and turns it into a freelance project bid section like other freelance sites. << Feature request. Anyone listening?


You only get to see the buyer requests in categories you have gigs in. And a lot of buyers prefer to look for a seller themselves.


There were many more requests but you can see the request based on your gigs or services…


Exactly! And I think I like it just the way it is. Fewer buyer requests makes the competition less as far as I’m concerned


Don’t give up on Buyer’s Request just yet.

I’ve been using it quite a bit lately, matter of fact, I’ve hired 16 seller’s through it since December. At least half, I have saved as a favorite because they produced excellent quality work.

I’ve been hiring quite a bit of Virtual Assistants through it - as I am looking for specialized work. I do not have time or want to filter through to see who can or lives where.

In this case, where the seller lives is a huge ++ for me. I am looking for things like zoos in Canada, National Parks in China, Food in Pakistan/Thailand, etc. Therefore, I wanted to hire people that actually live there and can give me first hand knowledge, not just google - heck, I can do google myself - don’t need to pay someone.

I have no idea how cluttered B.R. looks like as I only have access to what I post but I can say for certain, it is a huge timesaver for me - when I am looking for a specialized nitch. Granted, I don’t always get lucky using this feature - but it’s worthwhile for me.


It depends on whose frame of reference one is using.

From a buyer’s point of view, if they post a request, they get many offers << which is the desirable outcome.

From a seller’s point of view, just opening the BR page means opening the flood gates of spam coming from other sellers who misuse the BR to post their own sales pitch. So, the quality of listings gets diluted.


I think the Buyer Request section could be improved by allowing more room and some guidance in the description. By guidance I mean that there would be some hints about the kinds of things the Seller needs to know to give you an Offer that is not generic. For instance, in one of my categories, Voice Over, it would be good to let the Buyer know that word count, and whether it needs to be synced to a video, would be information the Seller needs to know to give a good quote. For all categories I would think delivery time would be important. On all BR’s, there should be a date/time stamp as well so you know when it was posted.


I see your point.

If used correctly, it could be such a valuable tool for both sellers and buyers. If they could implement a quick question before posting like a button:

Select one: I am a

O Buyer
O Seller

The computer can automatically reject the ones that select Seller. It would easily eliminate the confused new sellers from posting.


there’s an other reason for that … namely … fiverr employees who are approving (or disapproving) those buyer request bits

many times we can find absolutely illegitimate self-promotions making it among the “buyer requests” which points out to the respective fivv employee doing anything else but paying attention to the messages of the request OR simply NOT UNDERSTANDING the language of the request ??!

other times, if you try posting some legitimate request on the buyer’s end, it ends up disapproved; again, no reason, no motivation, NOTHING; guess same explanation as above applies :slight_smile: