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Clearly unhappy buyer won't message me back!

So I’m a ghostwriter and I have a client who purchased two $300 orders. We’ve talked frequently since the project started, just ironing down details, etc. A few days ago I delivered the first portion of the first order, just a few thousand words so they could tell me if they liked the style and direction.

They glanced at it and were enthusiastic and told me they’d read it and get back to me asap whether or not the story was good to continue.

Well. I’ve heard absolutely nothing since. They’ve been online multiple times, and I’ve messaged them telling that if there’s anything I should change that I would be happy to do so… but nothing. Obviously they don’t like something and they just don’t want to tell me. How hard would it be for a simple ‘go ahead’ or ‘give me a few more days to think’

This wouldn’t be a big deal if it was a smaller order I could put together quickly, but it’s two large ones with the deadline looming.

Just tell me what you want, man!

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All you can do is forge ahead on your own with the order.

They can use the revision button if they don’t like it.

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Just Deliver the order. If buyer have any issues he/she will ask for revision.

The clever thing to do would be to deliver with hopes they like it.

In a scenario like this, if both orders are still open, I’d complete one, deliver and wait 2 days for feedback in which case i’d deliver the second order.

This way, if they were to ask for a modification with a different vision you can use that toward the order still active. (saving yourself some valuable time)