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Clever hacker/Spammer

I am sharing this for general awareness.
A person (whose name I am not supposed to share with you) contacted me and gave me a brief with all the technical details and it also contained an external link.(this thing happened on my pc)

It seemed legit at first but for safety concern I copied that link and pasted it on virustotal and it tested it to be good.
So I clicked on it,maybe 3 or 4 times I opened this site . and then my antivirus(avast) alerted me of a trojan attack. This is not something serious because avast is very good at what it does but the malicious malware was able to damage my pc somehow(Avast is good with viruses but malware is a different ball game plus I did not have an anti malware at the time).

This resulted in disk errors and a couple of hours of distress but Thank goodness somehow it did not result in something bigger (like password getting stolen,or funds theft or some other).

The moral of the story is " Install an Anti virus AND an Anti malware in your pc "