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Clever Spammers!

In the past two weeks I sent offers to two buyer requests which we’re pretty similar. They needed a logo animation done but their go to animator wasn’t available. I got a message in a few hours from them, both of which we’re from the same country. They provided the gig link of their go to animator which we’re the same and both of them we’re new sellers with no orders or buying history. I responded to them but they didn’t reply back. The first one replied after two days wanted a different animation but provided the same gig link as before only to disappear again. Has anyone else bumped into these spammers?

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it can be, but also alot of times people text me and say they wanna buy my service but they are not serious buyers they just wanna talk and know the price or sometimes they find a better deal at the same time so they ignore my reply.

I’ve faced them as well and they are fine but in my case I’ve replied within seconds to both of them and didn’t get any reply…it was pretty obvious they are trying to promote themselves and also the other seller’s gig they provided…

Please remove the name of the country. :wink:

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Removed… :slight_smile:

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