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Click is decreasing

my impression is increasing but my gig click is decreasing day by day… what can i do? i only share my gig on social media


Use Attractive thumbnail as buyer can understand all thing that they looking for.:v:t2:

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for use attractive thumbnail i have to change gig image i mean i have to edit my gig.if i edit my gig is there any negative effect for my gig?

@mihhridoy may be its not always.I saw many many gigs,there thumbnail at least 10folds behind my thumbnail.But when i visit their profile,i seen lost of reviews as well order stand queue.

I would like to say @ikramhossan focus only share your gig,but yes,also its important to attractive thumnail.


Yeah… Attractive Thumbnail means i want to say that, Client can Understand your Services at one Time See.
Of Course social Sharing is Important. It’s Make Impression.
As he said he share on social media, he had no issue of impression but issue is Click.
Client see his pic but cannot decide to order. That’s why i said that.:heart:

Don’t be so afraid of updating your gig. A great image is vital to inspire trust and land sales.

Don’t spam your gig on social media. It will lead to lots of traffic, but it’s bad traffic that won’t lead to sales. That can actually hurt your gig, rather than help it.

When I see sellers spamming Facebook groups that’s already full of spam with their gig, it makes me sad, because I know they are hurting their gig.

Instead, try to focus on optimizing your gig for search here on Fiverr, work on your gig description, video, images, keywords and so on, and answer buyer requests.

More sales = more visibility in search.

If fewer people click your gig, it might be because other gigs look more attractive. Watch your competition closely, and see what they are doing right, and how you may improve your own gig.

I update my gig a few times a year. The only thing that had a negative effect for me is updating the gig video, since it has to be approved by Fiverr, and that can take some time. In the meantime your gig will be less visible and/or less attractive, since it doesn’t have a video.

I Just want to tell him the Same. Yes, That’s Correct. :slightly_smiling_face: