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Click on Buyer's Name to See Full List of Orders Over Time

This would be really useful I think. I go through so many projects a month, and a previous client orders again and wants to use a lot of the same material that was attached in the order he/she made a month previous. So, I have to scroll down through the long list of orders and CMD+F to find their name and previous order.

It would be MUCH easier if clicking on the username of the buyer allowed you to see all previous orders they have had with you, sorted by time, for easy reference. Just a suggestion!

That’s a great suggestion you got there. But Fiverr is too busy implementing shitty systems like the ARS without actually doing something useful.

That’s an excellent suggestion! Having to go through all the orders is such a pain.

There is an easier way to do this, just click in send message to that user, and in the message page appears the text “1 sale”, or “2 sales” or the number of sales you have with that user and there you clik and appears each sale and you can go to a specific sale from this buyer