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Click or View?

Hello there,

I’m a newbie on fiverr. I need to know which is more important?

Click or View?

Which one is more effective among of them ?


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you have a great sense of humor :slight_smile:

In my point of view CLICKS.

hi jessicaadhora99,
For the new sellers, buyer request are more important

Did you got his question?


Totally agree!

For me I guess “Clicks” but also “Views” give me like a small clue if the gigs is required (wanted) you know…

Thank you.

Obviously clicks…

Sure i can tell you “clicks”.

Only pay attention to views. This is what is most related to how many orders you get.

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Think of your gig as an item on a stall in the market. When they view it they come over and have a look. When they click it they pick it up ,examine it, want to know more and may buy it.

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It is view, because it view that leads to click.

The only thing to pay attention to is the views.

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orders :slight_smile:

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Haa haa I think this is a answer you looking

CLICKS!! This says that people actually looked at your thumbnail and title and that it was actually enough for them to want to see what you have to offer. Now, if they didn’t order, its probably because you GIG did not meet their expectations or they weren’t ready at that moment in time to order.

Be sure to be as detailed as possible in your GIG description so you can convert those clicks into orders

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views conver to order , So View is very important

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What do you mean any website? I thought only fiverr gigs can be seen on fiverr.