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Clicked Accept but instead it canceled the order


So, i have ordered gig from a guy who couldn’t finish the gig in time and he send me a message after the time for the gig was expired that he have done the gig but if i want i can cancel the gig. Below his message there was two buttons - Accept and Decline. I clicked Accept because i wanted to accept the gig as finished but instead it canceled the order.

This looks like a bug to me.


You “accepted” the cancellation. It is not a bug.


If it is not a bug the way that this is implemented is really confusing.


You were probably thrown off by the way he worded it to mean "Click accept to receive the order and decline to reject the gig."

In the rare events that this happens to me, I always make sure to work it carefully.

“If you’d like to receive your order, please deny this cancellation request and I will deliver your work.”