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Clicking Order By Mistake

How do you handle someone clicking the order button by “mistake” and then canceling right away. Does this happen often to you? It happens every so often to me, and I’m just not sure how someone can order by mistake. It’s a little frustrating. Are there gig terrorists who do this on purpose?

I declined their cancellation request for now, and in return wanted to know how they ordered by mistake. This person (also a Seller) is from Sri Lanka and has very poor English. They told me that their younger brother was on their account and clicking buttons. The interesting thing about it is that their gigs seem to have a lot better English in the descriptions than what they are conversing to me with.

Obviously I’m probably inclined to accepting their order cancelation and just dealing with it right? I don’t believe Customer Support can really do anything about this, am I correct? Let me know what you all think

It only takes a single click on the gig page to order. There is no confirmation button at all. When browsing the site on a mobile device it is very easy to click that button by accident. It is also fairly easy on the main site too when accessed through a computer.

I done it for the first time ever the other day. I was browsing a competitors gig, and the next thing I know, I had ordered from them. I do not even know how I done it. I just got an email saying I had to send them information. i don’t remember my mouse hovering anywhere near the order button, but yeah. It happened. The seller kept denying my cancellation requests, so customer support dealt with it for me. (I very rarely order through Fiverr, so they refunded my cash back into my revenues available for withdrawal rather than ‘credit’)

So yes, it can happen. It is much easier than you may think too.

Reply to @ryangillam: Thanks for clarifying a bit. There definitely should be a confirmation of order with a second click in the process “Are you sure you want to place this order” type of message

I would say about half of my order cancellations come from people who said they made a mistake in ordering