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Clicking through again...nothing.....crock of fragglesrock!

Yesterday I bought two gigs. The first wanted to charge me $90 for a $5 gig…we settled at $25 I wasn’t happy with that but paid anyway…now I’ve just had an email to say a second gig is done…clicked through, did all the password fragglesrock and THERE IS NOTHING THERE! Thieving fragglesrocks! I’m so done with you lot!

Watch the language.

Hi, sorry you’ve had a bad experience from two gigs. If the second seller delivered to you, but nothing has been sent to you, you can raise it with Customer Support, or you can politely ask the seller where the delivery is? Some sellers click ‘deliver’ so it doesn’t go into the late status, then deliver the actual order some time after - it’s actually against the TOS and quite unethical.

As for your first seller, this site is Fiverr, but not everything you want will cost that little. What was it, may I ask, that you wanted from the first gig to warrant $90?

I’ve contacted the second seller & they told me to click on orders, which I did, but there is nothing there. I ordered a presentation from the second one. I’ve been so stupid! Only myself to blame… As they say, if it seems too good to be true then it probably is! I don’t know how these crooks sleep at night…

I don’t know if it’s the case here, but fiverr has been having a lot of bugs lately. I’ve had to deliver some gigs 3 times before they actually go through.


Your first mistake was not realizing that a $90 Gig REALLY IS A $90 Gig. It is the Seller who gets to to decide what they will do for $5 – NOT YOU. If he dropped the price down to $25 it sounds like he gave you a great deal.

Your second mistake was buying the Gig as you said in your own words “we settled at $25 I wasn’t happy with that but paid anyway.” Why would you do this? No one held a gun to your head and made you settle at $25.

A few weeks ago I had a similar experience from the Seller’s side of the game.

A Buyer purchased a $225 animation. I made every change she requested and delivered her project 3 days ahead of schedule. I also did a bunch of extra work that I didn’t charge her for.

After waiting a week for feedback I requested that she please rate my service, assuming she was happy because the project was exactly what she requested. She gave me a less than stellar rating because she believed she too had paid too much from the start and never should have ordered a $225 gig the first place. I agree - she never should have ordered it in the first place.

If your gut tells you that you are starting off unhappy paying $25 then just move on down the road to happy $5 gig-land… but please don’t complain about the results.

It is not fair to a Buyer who gives you an honest market price to purchase their Gig when you have already made up you opinion that you are already not happy before they even begin work on your project.

Don’t waste your (Buyer) time and more importantly don’t waste our (Seller) time.

Reply to @jonbaas: sorry about that. You would swear if $30 had been fleeced from you too!