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Clicks and Impressions are Down

Asslmaolaikum/Hello to all! I know this is a very general and repetitive question, or i would say it is the most asking question. I wanna know how my impressions from thousands drop to hundreds within just 2-3 days without any mistake? How clicks can be down from hundreds to just tens?? Even sevens?? Please guide? I’m level 2 seller.


That’s very disappointing. I am not a level seller. But I can feel your sadness

Really, it’s disappointing.

Oh dear, very sad! Don’t worry. Keep doing your valuable work. Everyday you can share your gig twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


we are speaking about that in this post :

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Thanks for your concern !!

I do get the overall view…
Facing the same issue:(
But I trying get back on my tracks cause I am receiving some orders form my past buyers…
I hope the next gig rotation the gig status will improve…
This topic may help!


So sorry to know that, keep doing quality work and be patient.
Hope everything will be fine

I’ve had the same! It’s been upsetting to go from weekly orders to nothing in more than a month. Really discouraging


Yup. Maybe in the next rotation of the algorithm, our gigs will be on top again.

Yeah, really disappointing. It de-motivates you but we have to keep sharing our gigs on social media to get reach more customers and getting more clicks and impressions.

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Yup, I’m trying, although I don’t think any people I know irl will order.

I hope you get better luck soon!

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That sound really disappointing. May be Fiverr updated algorithm.

for us is past 4 months and nothing grow … we past from 250 order to few orders … we have contacted fiverr and they said we have to create website, create portfolio, promote our portfolio and say to new customer to buy our service in Fiverr … this sounds bad to us … why would a seller create a website and then send his customers to fiverr? (when he can tell to the buyer to buy directly on his site …?!)

what we said to Fiverr team is that we want to sell in Fiverr … we dont want open a new website … it seems like they no longer have room for all the sellers and they are trying to drive the sellers away…

we are waiting the Fiverr answer


You are right. Works are dramatically decreased these days

Thank you for your best wishes!!

Just active on fiver most of the time, active on forum etc.

Did you change anything from your gig ? I mean title or thumbnails ? I think you should share as much as possible.

Really, from last couple of months fiverr is removing sellers by permanently disabling their accounts due to a little mistake. I’ve seen many posts reagarding “Disabling Accounts” on Facebook. I think you’re right that, fiverr is decreasing the number of sellers on its platform. It is very very disappointing, why fiverr is doing such with level 2 sellers who have (5 stars rating tough). I wish our accounts will be on top again !!

Yeah, I’ll share on social accounts.