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Clicks and impressions are gona down

how to control impression, clicks and views because day by day they gone down.
and 3 Orders reach in the week through buyer request and they also give the review but the impression, clicks ore very less and gona down

what can i do now.


Some ideas would be to tweak your gig by updating imagery or copy. Promote your gig and respond to buyer requests.


You should gig marketting


Give your best for gig marketing.If you do gig marketing,I think your gig impression will be increased.for gig marketing you can use different social site such as Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn etc.


Yea Gig marketing is one of the sure way to keep your Gig rolling every day, even if you didn’t get Order don’t lose hope, Some day you will be having as much Order as Possible.

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same problem here my impression was 3k but now 1k

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