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Clicks and Impressions going down

My clicks and impressions are suddenly dropped. But I am doing my gig promotion properly. What will i do? Is anybody facing the same problem?


yes! i’m facing this problem :disappointed:

Yes we are all facing the same problem, :confounded:

I have same problem. I think it’s a bug

Sister, I think this is a bug from Fiverr.
I hope it will fix very soon.
do Pray for everyone.
Have a good day
Thank you

yes, same problem, my impression and clicks suddenly drop to 0 0 0 0 0 0

Oh, this is a very bid problem for every seller.
I hope Fiverr to fix this problem.
We need to contact with Fiverr support.

i am having the same problem.

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I got a really low week as well. Something’s not right.

same problem with me 2 moths ago my profile 7 days imprassions was 14000, and 2 days ago was 4000 and suddenly this morning my impressions are 500. view 23 and click 10. i am lavel two saller. but i am receiving orders.
i don’t know what happening with impressions

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today that case facing to me, please tell me about that .

a tip for you guyz