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Clicks and impressions stay good.But I still i don't get any order?

It’s been a long time since I opened the gig. Gig Impression and View is good but why isn’t the order coming?
Is there anyone here who can tell me why the order did not come?
here is my fiver link:


Hello @omar016408

If you’re getting impressions and clicks but no orders, then you gig has a conversion issue. Meaning that buyers click on your gig but after seeing your images/description or packages, they don’t message or place an order. I had a look at your gig but I’m not technical enough to understand it.

My recommendation is that you have a look at your competitors listings and model what is working for them. Maybe you can write a simpler description that helps potential buyers understand what is being offered.

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Thank you for suggesting about these topics

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Hello omar

So clicks and views but no orders means that you are generating traffic but no orders. This issue arises because of many reasons so in order to solve these issues

  1. You need to improve you gig images
  2. You need to reconsider your gig packages
  3. You need to go through your gig description that Are you explaining your services properly and you answer all the questions that the buyers might have.

Also since you have no reviews after you implement these three things and hopefully get some reviews your orders will start generating.

Hopefully I was helpful :slight_smile:

I had this problem two months ago. It has to do with something in the gig description. Probably delivery time or the manner in which the description is rendered. In my case I had to ommit a few sentences in the description that were sending my customers away.On the same day I got two orders.