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Clicks and views are growing every day!


I regularly check my statistic . Number of clicks and views are growing with each day (+10 to 20 clicks per day). That means that my gig is often visited by potential customers. The problem is that I don’t get any offers (maybe 1 or 2 each 2 months). I get orders only when I send offers.

When I look at my gig description and everything, I can’t see anything that bad that will reject a potential customer. Am I wrong or there’s something else?

What seller can do to improve this?


Yes me too. Any solution of this ? Help us please. I saw many new people and new gigs everyday, so how a buyers will find us? i mean the only thing buyers see is rating or what? they didnt trust to a new fiverr, so how we will grow if they stuck only with sellers that already have much order, give us a try. Do you agree with me ?

Three things I noticed, but it’s just my opinion.

  1. Your main gig photo is not as appealing as your second or third image. I’d go with the second as your first to show buyers variety.
  2. Your avatar is of charmander, which isn’t very professional. Your photo, or one of your logos would be much better.
  3. You could explain your packages a bit better. Some people may not know what “no complicate mascot” means according to your gig.

The idea is to be as clear as you can be about what you offer, and your process for doing so.

I uploaded Charmander photo yesterday haha (I had a photo of me before), best selling logo gig on Fiverr as profile picture has a drawn superhero kid (over 20k reviews)…those sales where customers found me, were because of my main gig photo (they told me that) they found it very interesting and different from others…I will make some changes on my packages description. Thanks.

Well, if it works for you. I’m just suggesting it because at lower levels, you have to make sure you cover every base to better your odds of making the sale. Top rated sellers have the luxury to sport any photo they like. Lower levels, not so much.

Yea, I was thinking the same. Thanks.

well i haven’t got that many views, but i definitely don’t have any buyer, i’m yet to make my first sale…

It’s the packages. They turn people off so bad they don’t bother to read your description.

Hello, is there some way you can show your face instead of your chest in your first photo? I know it’s a video but can you edit to show your face? Just the shot of your chest as all they see when they look at your gig is not good.

Why do you think they turn people off? If I were a buyer I would have always go with packages, it’s easier to read (if they are well explained).

I guess you are right, it’s just me maybe. All I can do if offer my own opinion.
It looks like you were getting sales at some point. When did they stop?

You can easily change preview video by going to edit section in your video and clicking to the icon next to the delete. There you can go through each frame then select the one you like best.

I appreciate opinions! I have only one gig with around 25 sales. From 25 of them, 20-22 sales came from my offers in ‘Buyers request’. I’ve just update my profile to look more pro, so we’ll see. If anyone have some more opinions why I don’t get more orders, please share it.

Looking a lot better, man. :slight_smile:

I recently switched back from packages to using exclusively extras and it’s simplified everything, I think. Those packages clutter up your page and push down your description. Plus, another downside is that they sort of box people into 3 options. I don’t know, I’ve come to dislike them. Extras are so much better!

That’s right, packages should be under description! If I don’t see any changes I will switch back to extras.


My suggestions would be:

  1. Ditch the profile photo. put something more professional and appealing. This is not social media (sunglasses and a hat?)

  2. Ditch the packages as well, they are obviously not working for you. Put extras.

  3. Re-write your description. Remove “welcome to my service”. First, state that you have 8 years experience in logo design, but that you have recently found out about Fiverr. That will get the attention of the potential buyers. Then simplify the part about branding, and emphasize the part that you work with passion. The second part of the description is ok.

Hope this will help you.

P.S: I loved the gig photo!

Good advice.

Thanks, very good advice.