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CLICKS and VIEWS are high but IMPRESSIONS very low

I have a gig of VA. There are

  1. CLICKS: 1.4K
  2. VIEWS: 1.8K

Experts please let me know,

  1. Do the clicks and views not affected on impressions?
  2. How can I improve impression?
  3. Are the impressions important for sale?


  1. No. Impressions are only registered when your gig shows up on a search or category page within Fiverr. If your gig does not show up in a search or category page, you will not gain any impressions, clicks or views. You cannot control impressions.

  2. You cannot. Impressions are only registered by the actions of people searching for gigs like yours.

  3. Impressions are merely one statistic that can help you understand the visibility of your gig. Gaining impressions does not guarantee sales.

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