Clicks from Facebook ads don't count as clicks in gig analytics


So, I recently made several tests running some fb ads for my gigs (yes, it is allowed to do that. I even asked CS). In most of thise ads I got several clicks. The most successful ad brought me 180 clicks, which is cool, right? The thing is… When I check my gig analytics at the same dates my ads were running, the clicks, views, impressions etc are very low, like every other day I didn’t run an ad. I really can’t understand.


Either the clicks weren’t going to your gigs or they weren’t being counted for some reason. Could they have been going to your profile rather than an individual gig?


No, this can’t be the issue, since the link of the ad was for a specific gig


Inaccurate gig stats?


There’s a separate counter for “Social Clicks” or “Social Views” or something, you can switch to that in the drop-down next to “Impressions in the last 30 days”, maybe FB ad clicks would show up there?

edit: it’s called “Social Gig Views”, for my gig, it’s showing “No data available for this graph type.” when I click it (which would be correct as I didn’t run any ads or post that gig on any SM).


No, I checked, Social Clicks don’t increase at all, like all other gig stats


Then I guess your only chance at an explanation is to ask support about it.