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Clicks Lower than the Views - Can You Explain WHY?

I don’t have any issue concerning my gigs impressions, however seeing the views higher than the clicks is somehow confusing. Someone here might understand it better. I am not bothered, but i would like to know WHY. Can someone explain in such a way that elementary students can understand it?

I’m no expert (well, in Fiverr analytics that is :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I’m guessing people are using direct links to your gig, ie going outside of fiverr, finding a link to your gig, and pressing that.

In my understanding, clicks refers to when a client clicks on your gig within fiverr.

Hope that helps, and, if I’m wrong, somebody please correct me

Views: that means users view your gigs in fiverr, but buyer not opening your gigs details etc

Clicks: clicks means users interact with your gig that means click on gig url and read gig description also and may be he/she place order.

thats the two factor. thanks :slight_smile:

You got it right. Views are usually more than clicks.