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Clicks on my gig are getting decrease

Hello Everyone!

I’m very depressed after seeing that Clicks on my New Published Gig have decreased.
When i published my new gig then i thought that my new gig is growing better. After this, i got 3-4 Clicks on my new gig within 7 days of publishing the gig.
But how the clicks on my gig can be decrease from 4 clicks to 1 click only?? :frowning_face:

At first, there was approx 3-4 clicks and 15 impressions but suddenly impressions have increased and clicks have decreased to 1 click only. Strange it is??

Please guys give some solution, suggestion or advice or should i talk to customer care regarding this? I’m so much tensed about this.

For reference, here is my gig link-

Thank you!


Try adjusting your gig image to a more attention grabbing one I guess. If you are getting impressions you should get clicks eventually if you stand out from the other gigs.

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I understand. But the main thing is that, how it can be possible that clicks got decreased?
I mean, if 1 person clicks on my gig then it means that i got 1 click or if 2 persons do click on my gig then i will get 2 clicks in analytics, but how it can be decreased. :frowning_face:
Click means gig has clicked by the person already.

You do realize that many countries and here in the states having large gatherings is still not happening? Perhaps you are not getting sales/clicks because right now the demand for your service is not high?

If that is not the reason - if you are getting impressions and no clicks, that means something about your Gig image and description on the page where other Gigs are also presented is not catchy, interesting or attractive enough to make someone want to know more about your service.


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