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Clicks on my Gigs but no orders


I am new in Fiverr, joined a month ago. I have couple of gigs listed their are views and impressions but no conversions or orders yet. Anything I am lacking?

Thanks a lot of wonderful comments and replies.

Take Care

I’m with you! Two months on this platform with no sales. But I believe those who remind us to be patient, so I just keep trying to improve and promote my gigs. I wish you luck and patience, too.


Okay, yikes, yes there is something you’ve overlooked.

Please see (DES) point 2: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide, and then watch your video as a thumbnail. It’s…


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Is my video not relevant with my description?

As a thumbnail, the image is squished. Flat as a pancake. :pancakes: The dialogue is fine (though you should try a few more takes), but also try smiling.

Send buyer request regularly. You will get order one day. Be patient

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have patience…try to active online and fiverr forum as much as possible time,make eye catching thumbnail for your gig, send buyer request regularly and share your gig on social media sites properly.

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How to send Buyer Request?

Have you clicks on your gig?

Send Buyer Request As More As Possible.

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yes I got a click on my gig but no conversions or orders yet.

So I think the problem is on your gig description, the potential customer hasn’t the confidence to buy your gig.

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I will make more catchy fo them