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Clicks, orders and impressions

How do I get more impressions I am really struggling only getting round about 20


make attractive gig :+1:t3:

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Hi Keagan2095, Kindly go through Fiverr free online course (Online Freelancing Essentials: Be A Successful Fiverr Seller)

You have the idea that how you get more impression.
Subhasis Das


That’s not helpful at all.

Obviously anyone who wants to make a gig knows that it needs to be attractive.

Why don’t you give advice that isn’t super basic and hasn’t been shared in the forum already 1000 times?


Your response made me LOL literally :joy: :joy: :joy:


The best way to increase your impressions is by adding tags to your gig so a larger amount of people can see your gig when looking up something specific.

No it really isnt. Increasing the number of tags doesn’t increase the likelihood of any of them ranking. Not sure why you’re giving SEO advice when you clearly don’t even know the basics. You’re just making something up and not corroborating it.

You have one review. So how would you even know what success is here if you haven’t had it yet yourself?

Thanks. Really sick of people trying to look smart in the forum despite not having anything to say. They think it will get them orders. It won’t and they’re wasting everyone’s time while misleading newbies.


Could you give me some advice

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