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Clicks, Views and Impressions doesn't matter at all


Spent like almost a couple of months here. And noticed 1 big thing, that every new seller does cry of agony for not getting click, impressions etc. Actually these things don’t matter at all. They are just a piece of a report you are getting from the quality of the gig that you have offered. The more good gigs have better reports than the bad one’s. So, by trying to waste your time, asking this stubborn question again and again of " Not getting clicks, views, impressions." Rather go and work on your profile and gig and try the buyer’s request area. Nuff said.


Right thinking !

cool :sunny:


yes so true good thinking thumbs up


Well, it may have at least one value. As long as you are getting clicks, impressions, etc, you know your gig is still ranked in Fiverr’s search engine. If your gig is not getting any of these, it may be that Fiverr dropped your gig from their search engine. If that’s the case, time to look into it.


well, it’s somewhat useful. I dont know about fiverr, but on other sites if you have a very high amount of impressions, but a low amount of clicks, it probably means you picked a good topic, or used good seo, but your post itself isn’t interesting or doesnt stand out. You should probably change your title, display picture, or overall content, but stick with the same topic and/or keywords.


Impressions, views and clicks seem on my account to correspond to how many orders I get, but other than that I can’t see much use to them. They go up and down all the time.