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Clicks views decreasing


Hi… my views clicks social clicks are decreasing but arrow is green.


So promote your gigs through social media


It’s time to marketing your gig. Do it regularly.


How can i market it… social marketing or other ways send me


Share your gigs link on social media.


You need To marketing Your Gig


Use the :mag: Forum feature to :eyes: for answers! I would spend less time looking at my gig stats and more time using the :mag: feature to look for soulutions to build your business.


You need To marketing Your Gig on twitter, google+, facebook, linked in etc.


You need Marketing your gig


It is clear that neither of you know how to market anything. Plastering links on social media is NOT marketing, and it is unlikely to result in sales for new sellers, primarily because those sellers are only connected to their friends on social media. Their friends are not their customers.

Spamming your friends on social media is NOT marketing.

If you don’t know how to do something, it might be wise for you not to try to tell other people to do that thing you don’t know how to do.